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The Downward Spiral GAME


This is a game created by Nick Mossie that is inspired by various RPGs that he's played over his life. The systems are based mostly on a cross between D&D and White Wolf gaming systems. It borrows lore from those systems and sci-fi like Highlander.

The game is about fighting and winner take all. However, there is always room for the underdog. No one will ever be able to be so powerful that they can't be taken out.

So join up and kick some ass!

The Story

It is the not too distant future where corporations have taken over the world. They fight in the boardrooms and in the streets, attempting to supreme dominance in their markets. In order to do this, champions and bred, bought, and paid for and sent out to submit the competition. There is no law except only the strongest survive.

It is no secret that Satan himself loves this world where greed and the power to kill are considered virtues. So Satan fosters the killing by bringing magic, the force of will made real, back in to the world to be used along side modern technological warefare, such as the ubiquitous SkyNet system. He also helps in more mundane ways by bringing money to those that kill.. in more ways then one.

While the individual combatants vary greatly, they have been reduced to 4 general models... The Juggernaut, the Scholar, the Ninja and the Soldier. WIth these 4 classes of street fighter everything from the latest in firepower, the the most ancient of magical knowledge, to the biggest piece of steel used for smashing heads are routinely employed. Every weapon from all of history has been scruntinized, detailed, updated, and judged to be the most effective per class. So it is not uncommon to see a Ninja with a Tech9 and a Juggernaut with a two-handed fire sword battling eachother in the streets.

Corporations usually don't have fights between members, but it is allowed.. and even useful. The power of the combatant to kill is, afterall, a precious competitive advantage. However, this infighting is usually subdued by the necessity to dominatate the market.

In the end, there will be very few multi-national corporations. But until then, the battles must be fought to rise to such ultimate power.


  • Juggernauts are your worst nightmare, if they can find you, and if they can hit you. They are masters of Strength and Constitution. They pack a mighty punch, and can take a serious beating, but are pretty dumb.
  • Beginning Stats: Str: 20, Agl: 10, Dex: 10, Con: 20, Int: 5, Wis 5
  • Jugernauts are unable to raise non-class stats higher than the higher of their Strength and Constitution.
  • Scholars know more about you then you know about yourself. They are masters of Wisdom and Intelligence. They can't do much in the way of attacking you though and rely on their mastery of magicks and technologies.
  • Beginning Stats: Str: 5, Agl: 10, Dex: 10, Con: 5, Int: 20, Wis 20
  • Scholars are unable to raise non-class stats higher than the higher of their Wisdom and Intelligence.
  • Ninjas are athletic. They are masters of Dexterity and Agility. While they don't pack as much punch as a Juggernaut, they are much better at avoiding danger and striking their target.
  • Beginning Stats: Str: 10, Agl: 20, Dex: 20, Con: 5, Int: 5, Wis 10
  • Ninjas are unable to raise non-class stats higher than the higher of their Agility and Dexterity.
  • Soldiers don't specialize. They want to be ready for all situations and don't compromise on anything. They are the most free form class. They start with 10s in all attributes. Soldier receive extra Spending Points on levels 2, 3, and 4.
  • Beginning Stats: Str: 10, Agl: 10, Dex: 10, Con: 10, Int: 10, Wis 10
  • Soldiers are able to raise any attributes to any level.


  • Strength is used to determine damage if it is greater than Intelligence.
  • Strength greater than Intelligence grants access to pummeling.
  • Strength is used to leseen pummeling damage against you.
  • When pummeling, Superior Strength will devastate the enemy.
  • Used for attack rolls vs the opponent's Dexterity, if it's higher than or the same as Wisdom.
  • Superior Agility (>*1.5) than your foe will add to your attack roll.
  • When pummeling, the greater of Agility or Wisdom generates base pummeling points over the target's Agility.
  • Used primarily for defense.
  • Attack rolls are either Wisdom or Aglility vs Dexterity.
  • A target with higher Dexterity than their opponent's will more often go first in the battle.
  • Superior Dexterity (>*1.5) than your foe will add to your defense roll.
  • Hit Points are 10 times your Constitution.
  • Used to absorb damage after you've been successfully struck.
  • High Constitution leads to faster health regeneration.
  • Feeble attack rolls vs your high Constitution will award you greater heartiness ability.
  • Mana is 10 times your Intelligence.
  • Intelligence is used for damage rolls if it is higher than Strength.
  • Intelligence greater than Strength grants access to nukes.
  • High Intelligence leads to faster mana regeneration.
  • Intelligence is used to lessen nuking damage against you.
  • When nuking, Superior Intelligence will devastate the enemy.
  • If Wisdom is greater than Agility, Wisdom is used for the attack roll.
  • Superior Wisdom (>*1.5) than your foe will add to your attack roll, with the aid of mana.
  • When nuking, the greater of Wisdom or Agility generates base nuking points over the target's Wisdom.
Hit Points
  • Hit Points are 10 times your Constitution.
  • Used to power special abilities and is fuel for nuking.


  • SkyNet is the ubiquitous finding people global computing machine.
  • Once you know someone's name you'll be able to attack that name as long as they don't change their name.
  • Searching for a new target requires 1 credit. If you find them, then you can try and attack them.
  • You can always see recent foes on your main screen, if they haven't gone in to hiding.
  • SkyNet's Death Ray
    • You must be a Leader of a Corporation to use SkyNet's Deathray.
    • It costs the target's level * 20,000 to fire the Deathray, which will go to the global pot.
    • The cost for the Deathray comes out of your Coporation's Investment.
    • Firing the Deathray can lower your Corporation\'s Level as your Investment decreases.
    • The target's busy status does not matter.
    • You will get a win.
    • They will get a loss.
    • All their hitpoints and mana will be annihilated.
    • All of their inventory (items, armor, weapons, arcane) will be annhilated, and will not add to the global pot.
    • All their money on hand will go to the global pot.
    • They will become busy for 30 minutes.
    • You will not become busy.
  • Combat Philosophy
    • Magic is Wisdom and Intelligence.
    • Melee is Strength and Agility.
    • Dexerity is for dodging attacks.
    • Constitution is for absorbing attacks.
    • Magic harder to hit with, but easier to do damage, if there is mana.
    • Melee is easier to hit with, but harder to do damage with, no mana involved.
  • Attacking Procedure Overview
    • One round of initiative to determine who is the first Attacker.
    • The Attacker rolls the greater of Wisdom or Agility vs the Defender's Dexerity.
    • Superior Agility/Wisdom (>+3) can add to this attack roll. Using Wisdom requires mana.
    • Superior Dexterity (>+3) can add to the defense roll.
    • If the Attack hits, the Attacker rolls the greater of Strength or Intelligence.
    • The Attacker rolls has the ability to do more damage with Strength and Agility combined together, or with Intelligence and Wisdom combined together with Mana expenditure.
    • The Defender rolls Constitution to absorb damage.
    • If you have more Constitution than you were hit for, then you can absorb more damage.
    • Potions, special items and so on are used automatically depending on the availibility.
  • Opponents take turns attacking until the other is at zero hitpoints.
  • Those high in Intelligence and Wisdom will often do more damage than those using Agility and Strength, if mana is available.
  • Those high in Constitution will often survive longer those without, except when using special items.
End of the Fight
  • Winner absorbes some of the power from their opponent both in hitpoints and mana up to their maximum. You will gain less power from an opponent weaker than you are.
  • The winner takes all the opponent's money on hand.
  • Winners must wait 5 minutes to attack or be attacked again.
  • Losers must wait 10 minutes to attack or be attacked again.
  • Winners get 1 + however many levels greater the loser is (minimum of 0, so winners always get at least 1 point) experience points.
  • Losers are awarded 1 experience point, but only if they were attacked. People that provoke fights and lose gain nothing.
  • If fights continue for too long, they can end in a draw.
  • In a draw, both members walk away with no winners or losers and no experience points.
  • Hitpoints, mana, and potions remain as they were at the last round.
Down Time
  • You can not attack the same person again for a few hours after the last time you attacked them, but they can attack you.
  • You recover 1 Hitpoint per minute and more for high Constituion.
  • You recover 1 Mana point per minute and more for high Intelligence. However, all points will fill up Hitpoints before Mana.
  • You recover your level + 1 credit per minute in welfare up to a max of your experience points, as long as you don't have money in the bank.
The Pot
  • Satan himself likes people to play, so he offers money back to everyone that plays.
  • Players that play since since the last handout of the pot get a piece of the pot when the pot reaches a certain level.
  • Every piece of equipment used or sold adds so much to the pot.
  • Other things, like using the Deathray add to the pot.
  • All money awarded from the pot goes add to the players main credit count.
  • Every time you go up a level you get Spending Points to increase your Attributes.
  • The higher your level, the more spending points you get.
  • Spending one Spending Point increases the given Attribute by 1 point
  • Soldiers receive extra Spending Points on levels 2, 3, and 4.
  • Soldiers will gain their 10 point deficit by level 4.
  • Health Potions and Mana Potions will be used during battle to increase your Hitpoints and Mana, respectively, during the fight.
  • Potions are one time use items, but you can carry as many of them as you want.
  • Potion Rules
    • You will use potions at the end of every fight round if you have one, both attacking and defending rounds.
    • You will use up to your current level in potions over the course of a fight, after that you will stop using potions.
    • You will try and use your health potions before you use your mana potions.
    • You will use the smallest potion you have available before you use your higher rated potions.
    • So, if you have a health potion and you can use it you will use it and not any mana potions that round. However if you don't need or don't have a health potion you can use, you'll use your mana potion if you have and need it.
    • Example: You are at full health and full mana. You have 2 +25 healing potion, 1 +100 healing potions and 2 +50 mana potions. You lose 24 health and 50 mana. You don't use a healing potion, and since you don't, you use your mana potion to bring you back up to full mana. Round after next you lose another 25 health and 50 mana. You use your +25 healing potion, bringing you up to being down 24 health points, and so you can't use a mana potion. Round after next you lose another 5 points. You use another +25 healing potion and no mana potion. You are up to being down only 4 hitpoints. Round after next you get hit for 100 points (ow). You use your +100 healing poition bringing you up to being only 4 hitpoints down again. Since you can't use any more healing potions (you are out) the next round you'll use your other mana potion.
  • Weapons/Armor
    • Weapons usually add to your Offensive bonuses that add to your initial attack (Agility/Wisdom) roll.
    • Armor usually add to your Defensive bonuses that add to your initial soak (Constitution) roll.
    • Weapons and Armor can also add hitpoints and mana.
    • Weapons and Armor can also subtract from all these rolls as well hitpoints and mana.
    • These are effective before the fight begins and last throughout the fight.
  • Offensive Items
    • Items that can do damage have Offensive ratings.
    • After a successful attack, you will fire off a offensive item if you have on in your inventory.
    • The offensive item will roll the offensive rating for extra damage.
    • These are one time use items, and will disappear from your inventory after use.
  • Defensive Items
    • Items that can soak damage have Defensive ratings.
    • After a successful soak, you will fire off a defensive item if you have on in your inventory.
    • The defensive item will roll the defensive rating for extra soak.
    • These are one time use items, and will disappear from your inventory after use.
  • Arcanes
    • Arcanes are run at the end of every combat round.
    • They have different effects as listed in the store.
    • They ususally have a stat level restriction when purchasing.
    • Since they run at the end of every combat round, they can have a wide array of effects.
  • Techs
    • Arcanes are run before the first combat round, and only once.
    • They have different effects as listed in the store.
    • They ususally have a stat level restriction when purchasing.
    • They effect stats only.
The Bank
  • You can deposit money in to the bank and it will accrue interest over time.
  • You will not get welfare (1 credit per minute up to your XP) while you have money in the bank.
  • The current interest rate is displayed on the bank screen.
  • Money in the bank can not be stolen off your dead corpse.
  • Money can withdrawn before the Funds Availability Time is passed, but you will lose accrued interest.
  • If you deposit more money before the Funds Availability time has passed, you will lose the current accrued interest, and your new amount in the bank will be your old deposit plus your new deposit.
  • If you deposit more money AFTER the Funds Availability time has passed, you keep the current accrued interest, and your new amount in the bank will be your old amount plus your new deposit.
  • Every server tick (usually a minute) the amount in the bank will accrue a fraction of the listed compounded interest which will reach fruition at the Funds Availability time, at which time interest will stop being added to the amount.
  • Interest accrues every tick, but only the whole number of available credits is listed in the bank screen.
  • To restart the interest calculations after the Funds Availability time is reached, simply add money money to get a new Funds Availability time.
  • Players that are AFK for more than 5 days will have the amount in the bank moved to their money on hand.
Robbing the F'ing Bank
  • You can attempt rob the bank if you don't currently have any funds in the bank. If you have a bank account, you can't rob it.
  • In order to rob the bank, you have to fight the Bank Defender. This person is a secret and can be set to anyone by the admin using any rules at all, however it will (usually) be someone that has a positive bank account.
  • If you win the fight against the Bank Defender, everyone loses some percentage off the amount of their bank accounts, and you get that percentage of everyone's account.
  • If you successfully rob the bank, the police will post a note to the wall telling everyone about it so they can hunt down and kill you.
  • You can only attempt the rob the bank every so often.
  • There is a delay after you attempt to rob the bank before you can again deposit money in the bank.
  • The Autopilot option is found in the "your info" screen.
  • If autopilot is activated on your account, then every minute someone from the autopilot pool is picked and attacks a random person.
  • This is a completely blind attack, but it follows the same rules as if you were logged in and attacked a random person.
  • You will only occasionally attack someone at random. You will not use any of the other functions automatically.
  • Autopilot doesn't look at busy status, levels, hitpoints, stats or any of that... it just picks 2 people to fight.
  • This is, hopefully obviously, not the optimal way to play, but if you aren't going to be playing for a little while it might be nice to turn on.
  • Autopilot automatically engages on your account if you haven't been active for 3 days.
  • If you are inactive for 5 days and have auto pilot set, your spend points will be somewhat randomly spent for you.
Donation Link
  • Anyone on the Internet can donate credits to your cause every so often.
  • You can't donate to yourself.
  • Anyone can donate to as many people as they want, but only to a single person once every so often.
  • Corporations are organizations for protection and for pooling power.
  • Corporations are controlled by a single person, called the Leader of the Corporation.
  • It costs 1000 credits to lead a new Corporation.
  • Members of the same Corporation will not attack each other on auto-pilot.
  • Corporation leaders can declare (W)ar, (N)o Agreement, or (P)eace vs other Corporations.
  • You will not attack a member of another Corporation that your leader has declared Peace with.
  • When searching for a Random Target via SkyNet, you will first find anyone your Corporation is at War with, followed by those with No Agreement.
  • Those members of a Corporation your Corporation is at peace with will not show up in SkyNet's Random Target searches.
  • Members of the same Corporation can still attack each other manually by name.
  • Those without a Corporation affiliation are part of the Freelancers. They attack and can be attacked by anyone.
  • You can invest money in your Corporation which will raise your Corporation's level at the cost of 5000 credits per XP.
  • Your Corporation's level will increase every members' power, and more so to the Leader's power, during combat.
    • Your Hitpoints and Mana are increased by .75 times (1.5 times if you are leader) of your Corporation's level.
    • Two other stats, depending on the primary attributes of the Leader of a Corporation, are increased by .75 times (1.5 times if you are leader) of your Corporation's level.
    • Soldier led corporations use the two highest stats of the Leader.
    • During combat, your effective Corporation Level is increased by 1 for every 5 members in your Corporation.
  • The Leader of a Corporation can use SkyNet's Deathray to completely destroy an opponent (see Deathray rules above).
  • The Leader of a Corporation can give any part of the Corporation's Investment to any player in their Corporation, however doing so costs the Corporation 2 credits for every 1 credit given.
  • Players that are AFK for more than 5 days will pay the Coporation Tithe out of their available money on hand every server tick.
  • If you are a Leader of a Corporation and you lose a fight to a member of your Corporation, then you lose Leadership to them as well.
Starting Over
  • If you wish to start your character over, visit "your info" and click on "Reroll".
  • Everything about your current character will disappear and you'll be back at the user creation screen.
  • "Reroll" should not be confused with "Respec(ify)".
Terms of Use
  1. Players have no legal claim to a game account.
  2. Players must heed instructions given by the game operator and the game and forum administration.
  3. Spamming or flooding public forums, bulletin boards or chats with Donation Links is forbidden and can lead to deletion of all game accounts involved.
  4. All bugs (defects resulting from the game programming) must be reported to the the GAME Team immediately. Intentional use of a known bug for personal gain will result in the deletion of any accounts involved in the bug-using.
  5. Multiple accounts are permitted as long as you have more than 1 emaiil address. However, you may only log in to multiple accounts per IP address once every 5 seconds.
  6. The use of scripts, bots and similar programmes to automate actions in the game will result in deletion of your account. Scripts/Bots include programmes that carry out actions of any kind in the game automatically or through manual control by the user. Such actions include reading data directly from the game-server or the pages making up the game. This includes the use of link exchanges and all internet services that make possible automatic clicking of personal links!
  7. The accounts of players who insult other players or members of the the GAME Team may be deleted without notice.
  8. Players are not allowed to auction parts of the game or whole accounts on internet auction sites or anywhere else; any accounts involved will be deleted.
  9. The accounts of players who log into the account of another player without permission or hack player accounts will be deleted.
  10. The game and/or game-board accounts of players with offensive, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or right-wing extremist character names or clan names/tags are subject to immediate deletion.
  11. The accounts of players sending offensive, pornographic, illegal, sexist, or politically radical (Neo-Nazi, racist etc.) in-game messages or game board PMs or players with such content in their descriptions (whether text or pictures) are subject to immediate deletion.
  12. We want to expressly state that each player is solely responsible for the distribution of his/her own Donation Link. We will assume absolutely no responsibility for consequences arising from the improper placement of Donation Links in public chats, guest books, boards or forums if the player has violated any rules by placing the Donation Link there.
  13. Spamming or deliberately annoying or provoking other players via in-game message or per forum PM is forbidden. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders will be deleted! Repeat attacks are NOT a form of harassment!
  14. Sending other players in-game messages or forum PM containing invitations to join your clan is forbidden. There are threads in the game forum intended to provide you with a means to advertise for your clan. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders are subject to deletion!
  15. Donation links must be clearly recognisable as a donation link and the doner must have a chance to decide whether or not he/she wants to be bitten. The use of shortlinks, popups or pages containing multiple donation links that automatically open is forbidden and may result in account deletion! Donation links must be placed in such a manner that the actual address is visible upon mouseover, but you can use a text tag to "disguise" the link.
  16. The distribution of any tools/bots/scripts intended to manipulate the GAME is forbidden and will result in the deletion of the game accounts involved. See also Rule 6)